Tzemah-Shasha Law Firm has been active for the last 10 years and engages in a variety of Civil-Commercial law fields including Company and Partnership Laws, Banking Laws, Labor Laws, Land Laws and legal cases with special complexity.

    The office provides its clients with a wide spectrum of services, and among others, appearances and representations in courts of law, arbitrations, legal and administrative instances, accompaniment and consultancy in the course of negotiation, making agreements and current legal advice.

    Among our clients are: public institutions and authorities, construction and infrastructure companies, plants and companies in the fields of consumption products  and services, start-up companies, fellowship societies and companies for public benefit, agencies and insurance corporations, companies in the financial field, leasing and vehicle financing companies and more.

    The office set the goal of striving for excellence in all its activities, to grant non-compromising professional care and service and at the same time maintain personal contact and relationship with each client, adapting the services to his/her needs.

    The office is meticulous both about the quality of the human capital working in the office as well as monitoring and being up-dated in the legal field both in the country and the world. In that framework, the office is equipped with a rich and updated legal library, advanced legal software and connections to computerized data bases.

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    מרכז: רחוב י.ד. ברקוביץ 4, (בניין המוזיאון) תל אביב, מיקוד 64238 ת"ד 33111, טלפון: 03-7161670 פקסימיליה: 03-6969667
    צפון: רחוב פיקדון 1,חיפה, מיקוד 31000, ת"ד 502 טלפון ראשי (רב קווי) 04-8530540 פקסימיליה: 04-8530555
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